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What We Do
BFP believes in our competence as sourcing agents. We have been in the industry since 2001. Our credibility with suppliers and buyers is first and foremost. We source wood products around the globe. We routinely visit suppliers to check on order status and make sure mills are complying with international standards for employee safety as well as sustainable forestry. 
Legal Timber Compliance  

All of our suppliers, from logs to lumber, veneer to plywood, have been vetted to meet International Legal Timber Regulations. Suppliers must practice Due Diligence and back that up with documentation that is traceable from forest to port. Many of our suppliers are either FSC Certified or PEFC Certified and those that are not, must comply with Lacey Act (USA) obligations as well as EUTR (Europe). It is our strong belief that the forest is our friend and properly managed it will be there for generations to come.  

Quality Assurance

Our suppliers are certified with Structural Certifications for US, Australian and New Zealand Markets, Europe, Germany, UK and more. PS1, ASNZ2269, CE2+ EN 12871, BFU100, BBA BS 5268-2. Our mills have Laboratories with skilled staff to monitor production and keep records of all production processes. If there is a problem with any product we can go back and trace its history to find out what went wrong and correct any process in production

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